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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


When the temperature goes below 7 °C during the winter suggestion, the rubber of car tyres hardens and cannot grip the road efficiently. Poor control of your car has every chance of souring the taste of holidays. Therefore, winter tyres were developed with more natural rubber content. Natural rubber is softer and carries space between its particles to interlock with the road surface.

HLR Tyres has the best winter Tyres Birmingham has come across this winter. Cars, SUVs, vans and vehicles of all sorts have something to look forward to in our collection. Here is a glimpse of what we have to present to you this holiday season.


Winter Lander is designed to take on the cold weather with ease. The compound and the design used are tried-and-tested time and again. Wet surfaces and ice are trodden upon and left behind while you don’t even notice.

  • The special formula for the tread compound makes it one of the best options for winters. The compound offers better traction and braking than what standard or summer tyres can.
  • The V-shape of the tread helps in rapid water exit. Thus, the shape accounts for an amazing grip on wet surfaces and reduces aquaplaning.
  • The sipes are arranged in dense bands and every sipe contributes to establishing a better grip in the snow and maintaining traction. The 3D sipes do not close upon touching the ground, thereby, keeping ample amount of biting edges for snowy surfaces.
  • Stiff shoulder blocks are provided to add stability and comfort while driving, even at corners.


A classic winter tyre from Dunlop, this tyre has a remarkable record and vehement critical acclaim from professionals to regular drivers.

  • The sipes are grouped in high density and enhance traction in the snow while experiencing amazing traction.
  • The innovative StabiliGrip adapts the idea of combining the gripping power of the tyre with the stability it provides. It includes added ridges and 3-dimensional sipes that run in various directions.
  • With these sipes and ridges, the surface tension of water can be easily broken. + The ridges also add to the traction generated.
  • The Heliocompound rubber mixture has been developed a lot of times. The third version of this compound is silica-based and produced using sunflower oil. This compound used in Latitude Alpin LA2 delivers a better grip in cold conditions.

These winters may be the answer to all your worries this winter and we have them all here at HLR Tyres. We have a huge collection of winter tyres Birmingham can benefit from, at the best prices. Visit us between 8:30 am and 7 pm Monday to Saturday, and take home your favourite tyres.

For more queries on our products and services, write to us at hlrtyres@outlook.com and we’ll reach out to you in no time.

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