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Wheels and tyres are an essential aspect of your vehicle that ensures your luxury, comfort, and safety at the same time. However, not everyone has the time to look after the proper maintenance and servicing of their car’s tyres and wheels. Being a car owner, it is quite possible that you know about some standard maintenance procedures such as AC servicing, bodywork cleaning, and brake repairs. Nevertheless, you should also put some emphasis on wheel alignment.

Our experts, at HLR Tyres, provide effective and feasible car repair services like the wheel alignment, so you never have to be troubled in the middle of a road. If by any chance, you don’t have much idea about wheel alignment Birmingham service, we invite you to be our guest as we solve your queries.

What is wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is a simple car maintenance procedure that deals with aligning the angles of your car’s wheels in adequate proportion, so you do not get involved in an accident. The service is performed at our garage by our expert team. Our team strive to achieve excellence. It determines any misalignment in your wheels and work hard to correct the wrong alignment by its skills and our modern machines.

However, you should never ignore the annoying reasons that cause your car’s wheels to lose their alignment. Once you know about these reasons, you can try to be more preventive next time.

However, being a car owner, it is your duty to know about some significant reasons that lead your wheels to lose their proper balance.

Major reasons for misalignment of wheels

Sudden impacts

A significant reason for your car’s wheel to lose its alignment is hitting any heavy objects or driving over potholes. Inefficient braking performances often lead the vehicle to hop and hit substances present on the road. This causes heavy impacts, and in turn, misalign the proper angles in your vehicle.

Irregular maintenance

Regular car maintenance is a vital process to ensure the proper functionality of your car. Be it tyres or be it wheels, every component of your vehicle should be treated equally. Ignoring the need to service your wheels often leads them to misalignment and damages as well.

Height alteration - A lot of people tend to alter the height of their car to achieve improved performance and better looks. However, this also leads your wheels to lose their balance as height modification leads to disrupting your car’s suspension and, in turn, misalign the wheels.

In spite of this knowledge, a majority of drivers ignore alignment service to save some extra money. In reality, wheel alignment Birmingham is not that expensive and ignoring the service has its own dangers.

Dangers of driving a car with misaligned wheels

  • A safety breach as it makes your car prone to skidding and slipping.
  • Inefficient tyres as misalignment lead your expensive tyres to lose their abilities.
  • A potential factor in failing the MOT test.
  • Expensive repairs and replacement if unattended for a long time.

A feasible and straightforward solution to your wheels related problems

Our expert teams, at HLR Tyres, go through rigorous training to tune your car to its best potential. In case, you want effective solutions to your wheel-related problems, drive your vehicle to our garage, and the rest of it will be on us.

We operate from Monday to Saturday, between 08:30 am to 07:00 pm. To know more, you can also contact us at hlrtyres@outlook.com

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