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What can someone do with practical knowledge and dire needs? Well, a Scottish veterinary surgeon who mostly resided in Ireland, became a pneumatic tyre pioneer. John Boyd Dunlop dealt with rubber gloves, tubes and other equipment on a daily basis. Using the knowledge of rubbers he had, he slapped on an inflated tube of rubber on the wheels of his son’s tricycle. What he gave birth to that day, was the dawn of a new era of research, innovation, development and market advantages.

HLR Tyres takes pride in the complete collection of the latest tyres from Dunlop Tyres Birmingham craves to get. We understand the dire needs of every car and an answer to every problem in your tyres. We have shortlisted some of the tyres that epitomise the greatness Dunlop has achieved.


SP WinterResponse has got you covered in snow-covered roads. Its tread pattern is asymmetric in design so that an optimum area can be assigned to specific functions. It gives a fabulous combined performance on snowy, icy, wet and cold roads.

  • The tyres ensure that the traction is maintained throughout the journey. There are two types of blades on the tread design working together to generate maximum traction. The braking becomes firmer and cornering becomes stable even in extreme cold.
  • The tread can stay elastic even in freezing times, all thanks to a high-silica tread compound that holds the ground with more might. SP WinterResponse has a tactile force that can neutralise the effects of snow, ice and even the temperature.
  • In winters, the driving conditions become perilous due to reduced friction. That’s why this tyre incorporates Dunlop Touch Technology to get to you better feedback from the tyres. Its advanced features give a better response and feel of the road.


As the name suggests, the SP Sport FastResponse has achieved excellence in road feedback and responsiveness to give you a better feel and an excellent drive. Here are some of the key features in this tyre.

  • The Dunlop Touch Technology is the vital ingredient that brings FastResponse to life. The tread profile becomes flatter, offering more area of contact with the road. This creates more traction and the response time improves. Also, the connections between the wheel and the tyre are made stronger, which allows more road feedback.
  • The tyre is armed with broader grooves for maximum expulsion of water. This saves the vehicle from the threat of Aquaplaning. The tread compound is rich in silica which makes for an excellent wet grip and decreased braking distances. Thus, this tyre becomes reliable and safe in wet conditions. The compound is also wear-resistant and minimises energy loss. Thus, longer life and reduced exertions result in great mileage.
  • Cornering becomes easier and safer as well. SP FastResponse has an asymmetric tread design with a rigid shoulder block. Therefore, the stability increases even when riding in a curve or taking a turn. An even distribution of pressure across the tread footprint which adds to the stability.


SportMaxx RT has superior braking and grip for an unbelievable driving akin to Motorsports. The features that give it an edge over the others are:

  • SportMaxx RT uses an adaptive compound technology that strengthens its wet and dry grip. In this, polymers used in motorsports acclimatise to the surface of the roads. The grip grows stronger and the contact area is maximised.
  • Dunlop’s Short Braking blocks play a major role in decreasing the braking distances at high speeds. These extra hard blocks increase road contact and deliver high performance during braking. The rolling resistance is also reduced with the structure employed and the tyres become fuel-efficient.
  • The outer shoulder blocks are huge and stabilise the motion while cornering. Thus the handling of your car becomes more enjoyable and effortless.

This, and all the fantastic tyres from Dunlop Tyres Birmingham had wished for, are right here at HLR Tyres. You can grab a set for yourself too! Visit our place Monday through Saturday, 08:30 am to 7 pm. You can also get your favourite set online. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the top of the page to find ‘tyre finder’
  • Fill in the registration no. or tyre specifications
  • Search and select the tyre you need
  • Proceed to fill the details
  • Proceed to checkout

For anything else, write to us at and we would be glad to get back to you at the earliest.

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