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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?


In summers, standard tyres may not be to able to provide what is needed for ample support. At higher temperatures, the standard tyre rubber starts to expand and become soft. There is an optimal softness of tyres beyond which the driving becomes tough and the rubber may also get damaged. This is where summer tyres come in.

Summer tyres are made of harder rubber compounds and stickier compositions to maintain the grip even in the scorching heat.

HLR Tyres has the best collection of summer Tyres Birmingham has come across. From Dunlop to Pirelli, Goodyear and many more, we have the best fit for everyone’s requirements.

Listed below are some of the amazing tyres we have for you:


Dunlop’s star performer in many categories, SP Sport 01A gives excellent dry and wet handling while maintaining your comfort. The key points that give it the abilities for outstanding performance are:

  • It has a tread pattern that incorporates the solutions to three different problems-aquaplaning, handling and comfort - in one design. The tread has zones assigned for each of these tasks for an optimum output on every front.
  • Blocks are designed to cancel out unpleasant sounds and make your journey calmer. The tread pattern wears evenly, which adds to the comfort and longevity of the tyre.
  • The shape-retention qualities of this tyre are excellent even at high speeds. It helps in accurate control during cornering. The stability is kept intact straight and curved tracks, thanks to its asymmetric tread pattern.

Whether the conditions are wet or dry, the high silica content in the tread compound enhances the grip by a great margin. Special blocks are in place to disperse water easily.


One of the finest technologies developed in the tyre market, SCORPION VERDE™ is a reliable and efficient SUV summer tyre. Not only is it fuel-efficient but also eco-friendly, which is a rare combination in SUV tyres.

  • The tread has been thoughtfully carved out with innovative materials used. This tread is the main player in decreasing fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and noise. Special polymers used in the compound increase wet performance as well.
  • The tread compound is composed of a proportionate amount of silica. This gives the tyres tremendous mileage and stability.
  • A prominent shoulder profile that adds to the stability during heavy-duty performances in SUVs.

EfficientGrip Compact

With EfficientGrip Compact you get long-lasting services not just on the road but with time too. It offers beyond-expectation grip and handling with minimum wear, granting fuel-saving and long life.

  • It flaunts a lightweight design where its components and geometry reduce the overall weight. Reduced weight, in turn, reduces the rolling resistance. Even distribution of pressure causes even tyre wear. This results in less consumption of fuel, fewer exhaust emissions, less expenditure in fuel, less pollution and more tyre life.
  • The tread design has been newly developed and is ready with dual wide grooves, larger-than-usual sipes and several biting edges to break the water surface and maintain optimal traction.
  • The tread design is more intricate, which leads to reduced rolling resistance. Less fuel is required for traversal and CO2 emissions from the vehicle. Along with minimal and even wear these tyres prove to be environment-friendly.
  • The cavity is shaped rounder to avoid any deposition of water in the front section. The threat of aquaplaning is dodged with such simplicity.

HLR Tyres hosts a wide array of Dunlop, Goodyer, Pirelli and many other summer tyres Birmingham is a fan of. The awe-inspiring variety with a jaw-dropping price range, ours is the place worth checking-out. Show up any time between 8:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday, and we’d be glad to assist you.

You can also write to us at hlrtyres@outlook.com, share your feedback and help us grow.

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