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Tyres bear an unimaginable load of responsibilities on their shoulders. They are the only part of the vehicle that endure the harshness of the weather and roughness of the road surface. However, the return is not always meted out as deservedly for these tyres.

At a time, only an area as wide as your palm remains in touch with the ground. If something goes wrong in such a fine margin, the control, safety and functionality of your vehicle may be compromised. Therefore, it becomes imperative that your tyres are always in the best condition and fitted properly.

HLR Tyres is the fulfilling provider of the best tyre fitting Birmingham has experienced. We take care of the important parts so you can enjoy the ride. But it’s not just us, the emphasis on fitting is well-known and widely accepted.


There are various reasons why your tyres might need fitting.

vTo begin with, your tyres can loosen with time. The kind of driver and what terrains you drive on play a major role in the process. The loads and speeds at which the tyres have to manoeuvre, gradually shake-up the tyre fastening.

You may also need to ensure the tyre-fitting during the replacement of your tyres as well. Your tyre tread may be too worn-out to continue and need replacement. The legal limit of the tread thickness is 1.6 mm in a continuous strip, in the central three-fourth area of the tread and around the tyre. If the tyre tread has a thickness less than the legal limit, it needs replacement with an accurate fitting.

Tyres should also be taken for fitting as a routine because the change happens slowly and is not easily noticeable in the initial stages.


An incorrectly fitted tyre can cause severe, long-lasting, and sometimes irreparable damage.

If the tread thickness is not maintained, the rims are exposed to impact from elements on the road. This is the primary reason why tyres need to be fitted in time, and with precision. Reduced tread thickness also results in a lost grip on wet and dry roads.

If a tyre is not properly installed, it can cause uneven and abnormal wear of tyre material. Because of the incorrect fitting of the tyres, the tread will always face a certain amount of rolling resistance which adds to rubber wear. Thus, not only its life but also mileage is decreased.

The sidewall is vulnerable to damage, which is then sure to collapse. Cornering becomes difficult and the control of the vehicle is lost. Also, a weak sidewall with excessive wearing invites the danger of a blowout.

A tyre that is not correctly fit is injurious to both, your tyres and you. It is recommended to get your tyres fitted by an expert who would check the firm fastening as well as accurate alignment of your tyres.


It is not easy to trust someone with such a vital part of your car. Not only does it have the charge of making your vehicle move, but any problem occurring in your wheelset is hard to observe as well. And if the fastening does not even last for a few weeks, the purpose of the activity is lost.

This is where HLR Tyres comes in. We understand the obstacles your tyres have to overcome and how every car operates. Extensive industry knowledge with a dextrous workforce is the perfect combination an excellent tyre fitting Birmingham had always needed. SUV, van or a simple car tyre, there is nothing we cannot fit.

All you have to do is bring your car in, between 08:30 AM to 07:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

You can also drop a mail at and we’d be glad to hear and get back to you and answer queries.

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