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Continental Tyres

Everyone fancies buying a set of tyres that bear the name of a renowned manufacturer. An eminent brand emanates trust and reliability, which acts as an assurance to its customers. In the present age, copious manufacturers and brands are operating in the domain of tyres. However, only a handful of names have managed to influence the market. Continental is one such name. Being one of the prime figures operating in the tyre industry, this one carries a massive following to its name.

So, if you are someone that carries an inclination towards Continental Tyres, then we have something that might catch your interest. We, at HLR Tyres, host an elegant collection of Continental Tyres Birmingham covering the most efficient models of the brand.

However, we won’t be a good host if we don’t give you a slight taste of the history of this manufacturer.

So, let’s read a bit about the backstory of Continental Tyres, shall we?

A Glance at the History of Continental

It is enough to inspire surprise that Continental has been an active part of the tyre industry for more than a whole century. Incepted in the year 1871, it started its journey as a rubber factory. But as time went on, Continental started treading towards the region of tyres and it wasn’t long before Continental became a major force in the tyre industry. It brought forward several inventions like the grooved vehicle tyre and the detachable wheel tyre.

Talking about the current time, Continental stands as one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the entire world with an enormous customer base.

The Continental Collection at HLR Tyres

Now, it’s time for us to introduce our compilation of Continental tyres to you. So, have a good look at our selection -

CrossContact RX

Cross Contact RX is one of the finest summer tyres that Continental has ever crafted. It delivers excellent crossover performance, which is further amplified by the utilisation of advanced German technology. It offers splendid grip and braking on both wet and dry surfaces. The architecture of CrossContact RX reduces the on-road noise by a significant margin.

Features -
  • Excellent braking and grip on both dry and wet surfaces
  • Delivers amazing crossover performance
  • Offers considerable on-road noise reduction

AllSeason Contact

Presenting an all-season tyre that offers awe-inspiring performance in every season of the year. AllSeason Contact comes with an M+S rating, which settles it as an ideal choice on snow-struck terrains. Its durable compound also allows it to perform seamlessly on scorching-hot roads during summers. It also offers adequately low-rolling resistance.

Features -
  • Has M+S rating which allows it to function smoothly during winters
  • Substantially durable compound allows for a good performance during extreme summers
  • Has a considerably low-rolling resistance

WinterContact TS 860 S

One of the newest members in the winter tyre family of Continental, WinterContact TS 860 S provides amazing traction and grip on snow. The traction extends to excellent braking performance during harsh winters. Plus, it offers a substantially low-rolling-resistance which ensures fuel-efficiency.

Features -
  • Provides fuel-efficiency, all thanks to its low-rolling resistance
  • Offers excellent traction and grip on snow
  • Delivers smooth performance on terrains dominated by high winters

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