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Landsail Tyres

Landsail is the name acquired by the Chinese tyre giants Sentury Tires. As the name goes, Landsail Tyres make driving as effortless and smooth as sailing a boat. The tread designs are unique and offer minimal wear with longer life.

HLR Tyres presents to you, the biggest collection of tyres from Landsail Tyres Birmingham had ever imagined. The tyres accomplish the feat of incorporating performance, durability and simplicity in a compact design. Here are a few handpicked tyres to elaborate on the amazing efficiency Landsail offers.


It is the latest inclusion in the long-serving range of Landsail’s LS series. A car tyre meant for superior performance in every condition, LS588 has the following features that make it an efficient tyre.

The 3D block design reduces noise while offering amazing fuel efficiency, and wet and dry grip. Its tread features adapt to the driving conditions all through their lifetime. The fuel efficiency is further boosted with the help of an advanced silica tread compound. This tread compound lowers rolling resistance and improves fuel consumption.

The tread design is made with the help of computer-aided designing. It ensures a firm grip and minimum noise even at high speeds.

LS588 offers better handling and control on wet as well as dry driving surfaces, courtesy of the longitudinal and lateral grooves. The ride, therefore, becomes smoother and your experience, better.

Wet grip is maintained with additional grooves and sipes that constantly channel the water away from the tyre. This prevents aquaplaning and improves wet grip on roads. As for the dry grip, it is taken care of by the tread design that has a greater area of contact. The footprint increases traction, and consequently, stability and control.


Whether it is Summer or Winter, Spring or Autumn, Landsail 4Seasons lives up to its name and performs in all four seasons all around the year.

Keeping pace with modern innovations, 4Seasons has an asymmetric tread design with outer shoulder-blocks. This gives a better handling and feel on the road.

The silica-based tread compound is the key player in reducing rolling resistance and increasing fuel efficiency.

The tread centre is laden with micro-sipes and gives increased traction on cold weather conditions.

Longitudinal and lateral grooves not only increase wet grip but also provide extra biting edges, increasing the tread efficiency and stability on ice and snow. Similarly, the larger footprint produces a stable, controlled and efficient dry grip performance.


This is a power-packed tyre made to perform with four-wheel-drive vehicles. CLV1 is the premium range of SUV tyres that enhance the stability, grip and overall driving experience of your car.

The longitudinal zigzag grooves do a tremendous job dispersing water away from the tyre. Rapid water expulsion maintains the grip at higher velocities.

An uninterrupted centre rib ensures fantastic stability. The rib contains optimal siping that goes on to boost your confidence even at high-speeds.

Large outer shoulder blades help in noise reduction, giving you a comfortable journey. These large shoulders also increase the patch of contact between the tyre and the road and give you more confidence while cornering.

The shoulder blades enable heat transmission to a great extent. The frictional heat in the tyres is dissipated and prolong the tyre life.

The choices are endless and so are the benefits. Choosing the best fit for your car can be a daunting task and leave you dumbfounded. To eliminate this problem, HLR Tyres has brought the best of Landsail Tyres under a single roof. Be it summer, winter or SUV tyres, we have the complete range of tyres from Landsail Tyres Birmingham car-owners always wanted. Grab your set now! We open from 08:30 am to 07:00 pm Mondays to Saturdays and would be glad to get the answer to all the needs of your car. You can also share your feedback, and help us improve our services to make you happier.

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