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It doesn’t take much to acknowledge that the overall performance of a vehicle is essentially tied to its servicing. Refraining a car from its regular service procedures can deteriorate its performance by a significant margin. That is adequate enough to explain the imperativeness of car servicing. If we seek fluid mobility and overall consistent performance from our car, then utilisation of car servicing is a must. This also, in some way, states the importance of a garage proficient enough to deliver excellent car servicing. Now, that’s where we arrive at the scene.

Who are we? We are HLR Tyres, a prominent garage dwelling in Birmingham. At HLR tyres, we provide the finest services pertaining to the region of car servicing. When we say “finest,” we mean employing the craft of seasoned experts along with the utilisation of avant-garde technology to discharge an efficient car servicing procedure.

However, before we introduce our service model, allow us to give you a brief understanding on the notion of car service Birmingham.

What is Car Servicing?

To explain it in a summarised tone, car servicing is an inspection procedure that is undertaken at regular intervals. It involves evaluating the actual performance of a car and pinpointing any inconsistencies that may be present. Various parts of the vehicle, like the engine, brakes, transmission, are meticulously analysed. If any complications are detected during the procedure, then they are carefully dealt with. Apart from the evaluation, car servicing also involves proper cleaning and oil change of a car.

Perks that Car Servicing Brings Along

There is a handsome amount of benefits that car servicing brings to the table. For starters, it -

  • Helps your car retain its fuel efficiency
  • Is instrumental in identifying any complications ailing the structure of the car
  • Keeps the strength and stability of the car’s parts in check
  • Saves your car from abrupt and unexpected breakdowns

This was a brief outline of the plethora of benefits that car servicing brings.

Car Servicing Model - HLR Tyres

For the convenience of our customers, we have divided our car servicing model into two parts - the Interim Car Servicing and the Full-Car Servicing.

Interim Car Servicing

This is a limited form of car servicing procedure. It could be considered a light inspection of the car. Under this servicing model, we inspect parts like engine oil, brake fluids that reside under the bonnet of the car. External areas like the tyre condition, lights, etc. are given attention. It is particularly useful when you feel your car doesn’t require a full-service.

Full-Car Servicing

Full-car servicing stands for complete servicing of a car. It is an adequately comprehensive procedure where every region, part, and section of a vehicle is carefully inspected. Under this servicing model, everything that is excluded in the interim service model is effectively checked. It involves performing a detailed check-up of the engine, brakes, batteries, exhausts, transmission, seatbelts, mirrors, and other different parts of the car.

Full-car servicing also involves filling up the various required fluids like engine oil and brake fluids. Parts like spark plugs, oil filters, and screen wash are also cleaned. After the inspection and cleaning is done, then a round of inspection is carried to make sure that the procedure was carried out efficiently.

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