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A lot of car owners spend a significant amount of money on their vehicle modifications. Although vehicle modifications increase your car’s performance and overall look, it becomes quite costly for some people. Rather than investing in vehicle modification, it will be lot better if customers put their emphasis on proper servicing and repairs. Being a car owner, you must be already aware of the necessary repairs and servicing. However, a lot of customers forget an essential aspect of their car repairs, i.e., wheel balancing.

We, at HLR Tyres, host a stupendous team of mechanics that are guaranteed to provide your car with a fast and reliable wheel balancing Birmingham service. If, by any chance, you are still confused about this service, allow us to help you.

What is a wheel balancing service?

Wheel balancing Birmingham is a vital aspect of car servicing that deals with proper weight distribution among your wheels in a co-ordinative manner. This service is generally performed at our garage by putting your wheels on a balancing machine and spinning it rigorously to determine the area that lacks behind in weight proportion. Once the area is determined, our experts add weight to that tyre, so all the four of your wheels spin with equal weight.

We, at HLR Tyres, are most concerned about your safety. Hence, we provide excellent services, so your safety and comfort never become a second priority.

However, being a car owner, it is your duty to know about some significant reasons that lead your wheels to lose their proper balance.

Significant reasons for your wheels to lose balance

  • Cold Temperatures - Chilling and cold temperatures is a significant reason for your tyres to get deflated. However, if you are using inappropriate tyres for the winter season, the deflation can cause an imbalance in the wheels as well.
  • Misaligned wheels - Generally, your car’s wheels lose their alignment because of several reasons like irregular maintenance and frequent hopping on the road. However, the misalignment does not come along. In case, you do not attend to your wheel’s misalignment for a prolonged time; it can also become a contributing factor to their imbalance as well.
  • Hitting heavy objects - Another significant reason for your wheels to lose balance is hitting any pothole or heavy substances present on the road. These objects transmit vibrations in your tyres and can disrupt their balance to a great extent.

Nevertheless, if you ignore the need for wheel balancing Birmingham, you’ll land in greater trouble as you open your gates for even more significant problems.

Problems associated with driving on imbalanced wheels

  • Tyres become easily prone to punctures and damages.
  • Increased braking distances that can lead to accidents.
  • Increased fuel consumption as the engine takes more stress.
  • Expensive repairs and tyre replacement as a result of damage caused by imbalance.

A reliable solution to count on

We, HLR Tyres, are known for our fast and efficient services among our customers in Birmingham and nearby areas. We operate from Monday to Saturday, between 08:30 am to 07:00 pm. You can also email us hlrtyres@outlook.com.

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