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In today’s era, the invention of cars is remarkably a brilliant innovation. In earlier times people could never imagine travelling for such long distances with so little effort. In case you own a car, we are sure that you’ll already have a lot of knowledge about its working. However, all of these miracles and functionality can get affected by a simple problem, i.e., puncture. There are a variety of reasons for your tyres to get punctured. Such a scenario affects your car’s performance and disrupts your comfort as well.

We, at HLR Tyres, host a fabulous team of mechanics that are trained to repair your car’s puncture in just a few minutes. If, by any chance, you are new to the world of automotive, allow us to acquaint you with our puncture repair Birmingham service and why do you need it in the first place.

What is a puncture repair service?

A lot of cars get punctured on the road due to a variety of reasons like gravel, debris, or other substances hitting their tyres. However, you need not worry if you drive your car to us. Our puncture repair experts closely inspect your tyre to identify the area of leakage and repair it in no time by adding a sealant to it and performing other required processes.

Moreover, we, HLR Tyres, strive to satisfy you and your car to its best potential, so you never have to be troubled because of your car.

Nevertheless, adequate knowledge of puncture repair is not enough; being a car owner, you also need to make yourself aware of the reasons that cause your tyres to puncture in the first place.

Significant reasons for your car’s tyre to get punctured

  • Foreign substances - While driving, your tyres take up a load of your entire vehicle and are the direct point of contact with the road. Therefore, they are the first ones to tackle any foreign substances like dust, dirt, gravel, and nails present on the road. Hitting such substances can cause a hole in your tyre’s tube and lead to air leakage as well.
  • Tyre age - Driving a tyre after 50,000 miles or 5-6 years is a potential gateway for a puncture. This happens because your tyres start losing their strength after a period of time and become prone to even slightest of the damage.
  • Damaged valve stem - A valve stem is a tiny component present on your tyre that allows you to access the gateway that fills the tyre with air. In case this mechanical component gets damaged due to any hit, your tyre’s air will get a free pass to escape. Moreover, it will allow any substances to reach your tyre’s delicate tube and damage it easily.

However, in spite of having all the knowledge, the majority of drivers tend to drive with flat tyres. This is a major breach of their safety and leads to some catastrophes as well.

Effects of driving with a flat tyre

  • Cars become prone to skidding and slipping over wet surfaces
  • Increased braking distances can lead you to an accident
  • Prolonged driving with flat tyres can also cause blow-out and expensive repairs as well

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We, at HLR Tyres, promise you a fast and reliable car repair Birmingham service that will return your tyre and car’s performance to its optimum potential. We are open from Monday to Saturdays, between 08:30 am to 07:00 pm.

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