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Welcome To HLR Tyres Birmingham

HLR Tyres is an excellent garage located at 40a Cherrywood Road, Birmingham, B9 4UD, UK. The family of proficient professionals is well-versed with the tips and tricks needed to take care of all your car-related issues. They have been extensively trained to deliver excellence with efficiency. From providing the best in class services to delivering top-notch products, HLR Tyres Birmingham has always lived up to its customers’ expectations. We are open from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm every day except Sundays.

Car Tyres

As the only point of contact between the car and the road, tyres take a heavy toll. While they call for regular checks and maintenance, the majority of owners fail to provide them with so. Visit HLR Tyres Birmingham and let our professionals help you achieve the maximum performance levels of your car. You can purchase some of the best products in our garage. You can purchase tyres from leading manufacturers for your car at our garage, and give it just the extra boost it needs.

Part Worn Tyres

Buying new tyres isn’t an easy option for all car owners, as they can make a hole in your wallet. However, HLR Tyres offers just the solution you need for this. If you don’t want to buy a complete set of new tyres or one of your car tyres need to be replaced, part worn tyres is an excellent choice for you. You can purchase pre-owned tyres at our garage and get your car the tyres that it deserves. You can get your hands on some of the best tyres available in the market as part worn tyres, at a cheaper price than any other garage in town.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an important aspect when it comes to the manoeuvrability aspect of your car. A car with misaligned wheels can be observed to pull in one direction and create unnecessary pressure on the steering. While it is not harmful at average speeds, it can turn out to be life-threatening at high speeds. HLR Tyres guarantees a safe driving experience at all times once we have inspected and, if needed, realigned your wheels. With the latest equipment at our disposal, accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed.


Latest equipment and diagnostic systems help us find the most well-hidden issues of your car and treat them before they become troublesome. Our experts will diagnose the regularly-used parts with extra care to ensure they haven’t worn out or are damaged. This helps eliminate the chance of a possible mishap due to these parts. Regular servicing, at HLR Tyres Birmingham, can not only help you gain incredible levels of performance but also makes your car fuel-efficient. You’re sure not to leave our garage unsatisfied, ever.

Ace Products

To make sure we meet up with your expectations every time, HLR Tyres exhibits an excellent range of products for you. Tyres of elite manufacturers like Continental, Michelin, Landsail, and Dunlop can be availed at amazingly affordable rates.

Ace Products

Tyre Fitting

Experts, at HLR Tyres Birmingham, understand how important tyres are for safety and what could be the drawbacks of being careless with them. We offer excellent tyre-fitting services to ensure the well-being of our customers. Our relationship doesn’t end once you leave our garage. It goes beyond that as well.

Tyre Fitting

Puncture Repair

Puncture repair might be one of the smallest damages your car can incur. However, they call for the most attention at the time of repairs. Only experts are highly skilled to take care of punctures efficiently. Experts like ours.

Puncture Repair
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Why Choose Us?

  • Our top-most priority is our customer.
  • We provide tyres that are in the best shape and deliver the highest performance.
  • We have a high number of tyre-fitting vans, ready to serve you better.
  • Our experts provide you with genuine suggestions.
  • Our tyres and services are cheap and affordable.
  • Our stock consists of reputable tyre manufacturing brands.

We supply & fit tyres for all major vehicle manufacturers

Alfa Romeo Audi BMW Citroen Dodge Fiat Ford Honda Jaguar Kia Land Rover Mazda Mercedez Mitsubishi Peugeot Renault Skoda Subaru Toyota Vauxhall Volkswagon Volvo

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