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Tyres Newtown

Newtown is the largest town of the Powys county and a business hub of this region. Various companies operating in this region have their offices in this city, and its growing population has managed to extend the boundaries of the town.

In tandem with the rising per-capita income of this city, the number of car owners has also amplified significantly. In this regard, the search for services like wheel alignment Newtown is also on the rise.

What is the importance of wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment ensures that the wheels of your car are aligned as per manufacturer specs, reducing the chances of an accident. Wheel misalignment occurs mainly due to –

    • Driving regularly on uneven roads
    • Hitting potholes or other obstacles
    • Inefficient use of brakes, and frequent sudden breaking
    • Irregular maintenance
    • Tweaking with stock suspension setup

In case you feel a drop in your ride quality, or feel the vehicle is pulling to one side, get in touch with us at HLR Tyres for quick and precise wheel alignment.

Another vital aspect of vehicle maintenance is wheel balancing. In this process, we use modern balancing machines to check the weight distribution of the car wheels. In case of any weight disparity, we will use counterweights to resolve it promptly.

Apart from these, our portfolio includes retailing as well.

    • Tyre retailing

We are one of the leading tyre retailers in this city. Our product portfolio includes brands like Dunlop, Landsail, Michelin, Continental, etc. You can avail of tyres from us by ordering their online via our website.

Whether you are looking for cheap tyres Newtown or premium ones, we have an extensive collection that you can browse through online via our website. Once you enter your vehicle registration number and tyre size, you can find your ideal option.

    • Mobile tyre fitting

To increase your convenience further, we extend affordable services of mobile tyre fitting Newtown. Now, you can stop worrying about fitting tyres or going to a local fitter for the job. Once you book our services, our expert technicians will go to your address and perform the required job.

    • Puncture repair

Along with retailing tyres in Newtown, we also extend prompt puncture repairing services. We follow the British Standard for this purpose and answer every service call as soon as possible.

How to contact HLR Tyres?

You can visit us at 40 Cherrywood Road, Birmingham B9 4UD, or call us on 0121 771 1233, to avail of our services.

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