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Tyres Ladywood

Searching for a reliable tyre distributor in the inner-city district adjacent to Birmingham can be quite overwhelming.

If you are a resident of Ladywood, your search ends today as HLR Tyres now offers our superlative services and collection of quality tyres to this parish as well.

What services do we provide?

    • Mobile tyre fitting

This service of ours is perfect for customers who do not wish to visit our station for a tyre replacement. Let us know your preferred location, and our technicians will be there with the necessary fitment tools and the tyres of your choice. With our services of mobile tyre fitting Ladywood, you can thus enjoy professional tyre installation at the convenience of your preferred location.

    • Wheel alignment

With proper wheel alignment Ladywood, you can improve the mileage, performance and steering efficiency of your vehicle. Even if you do not come across any symptom of misaligned wheels, you must align them once a year to ensure long tread life and driving safety. With state-of-the-art aligners, we offer the precision required to achieve impeccable accuracy.

    • Wheel balancing

Many car owners do not know that unbalanced wheels can also affect the vehicle’s braking efficiency. Bring your car once every six months to our garage and ensure your driving safety.

Along with such essential services, we also offer a vast collection of tyres.

What tyres do we offer?

Our stock consists of quality-tested tyres Ladywood of almost every size from brands like Dunlop, Michelin, Continental, etc. We offer both premium and budget tyres.

    • Budget

If you are looking for a set of tyres that offers satisfactory comfort at a low price, our collection of budget car units is ideal for you. These cheap tyres Ladywood are a perfect alternative for our premium collection and offer impressive durability and excellent traction.

    • Premium

On the other hand, if you want to take your car’s performance up a notch, opt for our premium tyres. With innovative tread designs and unqiue rubber compounds, these are worth every penny spent on them!

You can purchase these tyres Ladywood online from our website or visit our garage to check them out.

Call us if you have any query.

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