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Tyres Hodge Hill

Hodge Hill is located 4 miles to the east of Birmingham City. Residents here mostly depend on their 4-wheelers to commute. Hence, they often search for service stations that sell quality tyres. That is why HLR Tyres is here with its collection of different units for your vehicle. Our collection comprises quality tyres that fit all vehicle requirements.

Are you facing difficulty choosing the right tyres Hodge Hill? Our experts are here to assist in selecting the perfect units for your vehicle. They understand your vehicle’s requirements and suggest tyres that best fit the criteria.

We also provide different types of services including wheel alignment Hodge Hill, wheel balancing, puncture repair, etc.

What tyres do we sell?

    • Summer

Summer tyres come with unique tread bars which disperses water, reducing risks of aquaplaning. It also improves traction on wet and dry roads. Its wider tread blocks enhance handling and cornering capabilities. The harder rubber composition lowers rolling resistance, ensuring fuel efficiency.

    • Winter

Winter tyres Hodge Hill are engineered with a large number of sipes, thereby offering enhanced grip and traction on snow and ice-covered roads. It also comes with broader tread blocks and provides your vehicle with larger footprints. Winter tyres comprise deep treads and softer rubber compounds,reducing the chances of aquaplaning.

    • All-season

It comes with an intermediate tread which is shallower than winter and deeper than summer units. It ensures adaptability in different road conditions and performs well throughout the year in moderate weather conditions.

    • 4X4

These units are engineered keeping performance as its priority. It enables acceleration and fast manoeuvres. The deep tread with wide grooves offers enhanced handling performance. The robust tread pattern provides traction on different terrains, both on and off-road.

    • Performance

Performance units are engineered with a V-shaped tread design that ensures enhanced traction. Its deeper grooves and winder tread blocks reduce the chances of hydroplaning even at high speeds.

    • Part-worn

Visit us if you wish to purchase part-worn units. These cheap tyres Hodge Hill are safe for use and come with a minimum legal tread depth of 2mm.

Avail of our services of mobile tyre fitting Hodge Hill if you cannot reach us for a tyre replacement. Book an appointment and mention your preferred location. Our technicians will be there with all the necessary tools.

Need new tyres for your vehicle? Drop by at our garage during business hours or place your order online.

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