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Tyres Billesley

Billesley is a municipal ward located around 7 km south of Birmingham.

If you are looking for a garage in this region, HLR Tyres is the perfect place for you! You can visit our centre at 40 Cherrywood Road, Birmingham B9 4UD. We are always happy to be of service to you!

Check out some of our products and services below!

Buy tyres Billesley from us

We offer various top-notch tyres from popular brands, such as Michelin, Dunlop, Continental and Landsail, to name a few. We provide season-specific tyres, such as:

    • Summer tyres

These units are made from harder rubber compounds providing superior grip and handling on wet and dry roads.

    • Winter tyres

Featuring an increased sipe density, winter tyres are made from softer rubber compounds and offer excellent traction on icy or snow-covered roads.

    • All-season tyres

Suitable in those regions where the winters are relatively mild, all-season tyres are perfect for customers who do not want to switch from summer to winter tyres every year.

We also offer cheap tyres Billesley

Buying premium tyres can be slightly on the expensive side; so we offer our customers a cheaper alternative as well. Please choose from our collection of part-worn tyres. We run stringent checks on these tyres to ascertain their structural integrity and make sure they conform to the nation’s standards for part worn tyres. We give you our full assurance that you can safely utilise these.

We offer standard services like wheel balancing, puncture repair, and car servicing. Some of our most popular services are:

    • Mobile tyre fitting Billesley

Those who are too busy to visit a garage to get their vehicles’ tyres changed can opt for our mobile tyre-fitting services. Choose the tyres as per your vehicle’s registration number or tyre size and select a fitting time and date. Our technicians will visit your preferred location to fit the tyres on your car.

    • Wheel alignment Billesley

Experienced car owners know that improper wheel alignment can result in increased fuel consumption and cause a poor driving experience. Check your vehicle for any of the following symptoms.

    • Uneven wearing out of tyres
    • Vehicle drifts to the left or right when driving straight
    • Off-centre steering wheel
    • Vibrations in the steering wheel

If any of these symptoms are apparent, visit HLR Tyres for a precise wheel alignment check.

Call us if you have any further query.

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